Lambright Joe L

Joe Leonard Lambright - Inmate Photo

Personal InformationEdit

State of Arizona Inmate #045045
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Date of Birth: September 3, 1947 (1947-09-03) (age 71)
Family Information: Unknown
A.K.A. Unknown

Case InformationEdit

Pima County Superior Court Case #CR5669
Date of Offense: March 11, 1980
Victim: Sandra Owen, age 29 female

Criminal History Before OffenseEdit

  • Unknown

Crime DescriptionEdit

On March 11, 1980, Lambright, Robert Douglas Smith, and Kathy Foreman picked up a hitchhiker, victim Owen. Smith raped Owen while Lambright and Foreman had intercourse, then Owen was stabbed multiple times with Foreman's knife. Owen's throat was then slit, and a large rock was thrown on her head while she was still conscious. Her body was not found for one year.


Judge: Michael J. Brown
Prosecutor: James D. Himelic
Defense Attorney: Carmine Brogna
Trial commenced on March 25, 1982. On March 30, 1982, the jury returned verdicts of guilty to the charges of First Degree Murder, Kidnapping, and Sexual Abuse. Trial length was 6 days. On May 27, 1982, Lambright was sentenced to death for the First Degree Murder count, and 42 years for the other counts. Foreman testified against Lambright in exchange for immunity.

Post Conviction InformationEdit

In 1993, the Arizona Supreme Court upheld the conviction and sentence on appeal.

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